In a Flash now available for pre-order!

Hello again, everyone!

It’s been awhile since a new story has been ready to go… but In a Flash, the next story set in Midas City, is finally ready to be released this month!

Heart of Gold is a heroine who gets far more exposure than she ever wanted. Saving people, making Midas City safer? Those are things she cares about and takes very seriously. Unfortunately for her, fate has it out for her and sooner or later her costume is in disarray!

Undeterred by her constant wardrobe malfunctions and other threats to her reputation, the young heroine does her best to protect the city, but waits for her in the night?

Will she become a heroine trapped in an erotically perilous situation, or will she be allowed to retain her dignity? What will she do if the women she finds—or the women who find her—are after her mind as much as her body?

This story will be available on the 23rd, but you can pre-order on Amazon now, or add it to your wish list on Smashwords!

The cover art was done by Hinton Blitz and the cover layout was made by MamaClockie who you can chat with on my discord server!

There’s more to come from me, and if you can’t get enough M/Madam Kistulot?

Check out my patreon for more blog posts, more stories, more more more!

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves… and each other!

Unending Dance, and more!

Hello again, everyone!

This weekend is going to see my return to the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive, or the EMCSA! I’m pretty excited about it! This will also be concurrent with my return to Read Only Mind or ROM!

If you want to read these stories in advance, before anyone else gets to?

Check out my Patreon!

This week’s release is going to be “Unending Dance”, a story about a woman at a club who meets a most unusual predator who is after more than just her body, or her mind!

It’s a one-and-done story, and if you support me right now for $10 or more, you can get a copy to read… and more stories as they’re available!

Additionally, tomorrow, my $15 tier and up readers are going to get to start reading my newest story that wont be starting to release for another two weeks!  It’s going to be a long one, and it’ll be easier to work on knowing that I’m being actively supported!

That story, “Pure Feelings From Impure Places” is the story of a lonely housewife and a high school senior who is the housewife’s daughter’s best friend having a chance opportunity that leads to an impossible enticing opportunity for both of them!

There’ll be more news of other things soon–including the start of more stories in the Midas City Universe!

For now?

I hope you’re all having a great 2024!

Let’s all work together to make this the best year we can! Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Happy Last Post of the Year!

Hello again, everyone!

This will be the last post of the year, but before we go into that?

There was one last release, and it’s available now!

Hypnotic Origins, the story of how Jesse Colloten became The Lady, is available now!
Hypnotic Origins, the story of how Jesse Colloten became The Lady, is available now!

This is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for years, and it’s something people have been wondering since The Lady first appeared back in 2005! If you’re interested in a tale of erotic lesbian mind control that explores the journey of a beloved member of the Silver Girl cast?

Pick up a copy on Smashwords or Amazon today!

So, it’s the end of 2023. After Sunday, it’ll be 2024. I can kinda hardly believe it!

2023 was a year that I spent making a lot of decisions that didn’t really work out for me. Being stubborn sometimes just means you keep things going far longer than you should.

It was also a year where I saw a lot more of the country. I spent time in Chicago, in New York, and in Wisconsin. I saw museums, musical acts, fish bakes, and ate so much new food. I finally understand why New York, and Chicago, both brag about their very different pizzas!

They’re both good, as long as you keep pineapple far away from them!

I traveled by plane, train, and automobile. Literally all of these things.

I went through so many dental surgeries, and I released the longest story that I’ve ever written!

2023 was a long year full of ups and downs… but while I didn’t release the most this year, and next year might involve some catching up… 2024 is going to be a year I put in a lot of work to get you all a lot more.

Take care of yourselves, and each other…

And happy new year!

Hypnotic Origins – coming right after Christmas!

Hello again, everyone!

It’s been a little bit, hasn’t it?

I wanted to make this post to make sure that all of you would get to know just what the title of this post says… there’s more of my writing coming, and soon!

You can’t preorder it on Amazon yet, but when it shows up in the next 72 hours, you’ll be able to find it on my Amazon Author Page. However, in the meantime? Its page is up and ready on Smashwords!

There’s so many reasons for it taking so long, but the first and foremost is a pretty big one.

Mental health.

This year has been one big challenge to it after another. I’ve been dealing with a lot of very heady, difficult emotions. None of them are really appropriate to go into here, but I’d like to strongly tell anyone who ever romanticized the idea of being a suffering artist that you do not need to suffer for your art. If anything, suffering makes it much harder to create art!

Take care of your mental health, or you’ll suffer long gaps between your important releases!

I can’t say for sure when the next release will be. My backlog has been burned through, and while I’m ready to write more and more and more and more… I have to be realistic that it may be some time before I’m completely back up to speed… or that process may be far more complicated than I’d like it to be.

Unfortunate, but true.

For now, I hope you read, and enjoy… and I encourage you to check out my Patreon–where another blog post is waiting for you!

Until next time, please take care of yourselves and each other! Have a happy holiday season, and an even better new year.

Quieter Climes

Hello again, everyone!

While last week we were in Chicago for a good chunk of it, this week, I’ve been spending the time in a much quieter region. Much fewer people, less big exciting things to do, but still a lot to take in!

Ever gone to a fish boil?

If you haven’t… I sincerely encourage it!

All of this has been very good for encouraging my continued attempts at calming myself, and at soaking in inspiration.

Nothing too exciting to say here, but I wanted to let you all know that I’m really doing a lot better, and feeling like when I get back to Boston I’ll be ready to hit the ground running! 🙂

Until then?

Know that each week brings us closer to the full release of Lady Lapis! For now…

Take care of yourselves… and each other!

Update From the Road

Hello again, everyone!

I hope that you’ve all been well.

I’ve been traveling as of late, visiting a nice little place in Michigan, then Chicago, then Peoria, then Monmouth, and now I’m up in Door County taking in the local color.

It’s very green.

Writers don’t need to write what they know, not whatsoever, but sometimes a gal needs fresh experiences to shake her out of a slump. Hopefully this will help me out a fair bit.

My next release edges closer and closer, and I promise, this will be a great place to check. Soon, once I’m back in Boston, I’m going to renew my efforts to actually write blog posts every week.

Working on my health, and mental health, has been… a difficult journey, but I think some very good things have come from it.

Hopefully everything normalizes soon, and all of you get to enjoy the results.

I know I’ll be cheering for that.

For now, take care of yourselves… and each other!

From Sunny Michigan!

Hello again, everyone!

There was always an intended delay for my next release, The Domination of Lady Lapis, and we still haven’t hit the point where that’s liable to be an issue.

That said, goodness, this trip is so far working wonders… and soon, if plans bare out?

I’ll be taking a trip overseas!

I’ve heard more than once the way that kind of experience can broaden a perspective, and I look forward to seeing how that bares out for me.

My mind has been jogging along creatively, putting this and that together, benefiting dramatically from the change of scenery and the company.

As a result I don’t have the most to say, but I don’t want to be radio silent, either, but this is a great time for you to catch up on stories of mine that you might not have thought to give a glance yet!

Alternatively, Modren‘s Whiteout is a good read, and I’ve got a thanks in the back, and speaking of London? Callidus’s Compliance and Acquisition: Lesbian Hypnosis and Intrigue in Corporate London is available here!

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

A Bit of a Break

Hello again, everyone!

I’ve been incredibly inconstant with updates for awhile, and it’s time that I acknowledge the reason why has been a long time coming.

There’s a large number of factors, but simply put: my creative output has been a bit dramatically high for awhile. I’ve taken time off to be certain, but I’ve also had a lot of very stressful situations and some self improvement to work on that have made it increasingly difficult to be as productive as I like to be, and feeling behind rapidly accelerates for me into a place where I am incapable of creativity or anything but shutting down.

It’s not a great thing about me, but it’s something to work on that I can’t do while stressed out to hell and back.

There was a bit of a planned delay in Amazon/Smashwords releases for awhile, in part to test something, in part because my longest novel of all time is going to release in a couple (few now?) months!

My Patreon is similarly stalled, and I would simply pause payment, but at the moment I would dramatically prefer to keep the option to financially support me in that fashion as I continue to perform aspects of writing that aren’t getting words on a page and to your hands. I have plans, and things I really want to write, so this isn’t me giving up.

It’s just me acknowledging that I need to take a step back, read, relax, and tend to my health for awhile while I am in a place where I can do so in a healthy and responsible way.

In the meantime, please consider perusing my extensive back catalogue of work that remains every bit erotic now as it was when they were first posted, and supporting my Patreon even if new releases aren’t immediate. As soon as I have something to post on the EMCSA/ROM? It’ll still be there two weeks/one week/the friday before it’s posted anywhere else!

For the moment?

Please take care of yourselves, and each other.

Dusty Update!

Hello again, everyone!

I’ve been a bit flakey lately, and I’d like to apologize for that. Some health issues came up, and I don’t want to get too into it here, but let’s just say that I’m hoping that I’ve found some ways to sort that out.

But I do still have exciting news!

Chronos Origins’s original release, Dusty Origins, is now available with a new cover by Rinku, and better editing!

The story was available before…

But now?

Now you can enjoy it that much more!

Dusty Origins, Second Edition, now available!
Dusty Origins, Second Edition, now available!

If you’d like a copy, as before?

You can find it on Smashwords, or Amazon!

Over on my Patreon, there’s been a new fun series going on, You Cant Outspeed Reality, and a story looking at the events of One Last Pill.

I’d recommend checking those out!

This is a smaller blog, but it gets across what I think is exciting and new!

There will be a bit more of a gap before the next release, but don’t worry…

It’s going to be a fun one!

If you would like to chat with myself and other fans of my work, join the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord!

Until the next time, take care of yourselves, and each other!


Giggle-Me Pink

Hello again, everyone!

Last blog post ended up skipped as a result of giving myself a birthday gift of a week both not doing any work, and also not thinking of doing any work. It ended up timed a bit because while Candy Pink Origins dropped, my website was having some issues.

Those are worked out now, and this story is available now!

Candy Pink origins is available now!
Candy Pink origins is available now!

Candy Pink Origins can be found on Smashwords, or Amazon!

Pink’s origin story is definitely one of my favorite things that I’ve ever written. That’s not the shortest list (the rest of the Chronos Origins series is all pretty damned solid) but it’s still a story I heavily recommend for anyone who enjoyed The Adventures of Silver Girl even a little bit!

This weekend, my Patreon readers get to read the beginning, or more, of a story about a speedster and her roommate the reality controller. Tomorrow, for just $5, you can read Melting Down Thermom, a tale about a super heroine with a love of puns who pushes them a bit too far and faces the consequences.

Consider supporting my Patreon to see more of my work, and before anyone else!

That’s it for this week! Enjoy reading my recent releases, those yet to come, and consider joining us over in the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord!

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!