Long Awaited Move, and Heroic Hijinx!

Hello, everyone! To start, I’m finally in my new address. Pretty neat to be in a home with my name on the title. it’s a bit more… cramped… than my last living accomodations? but it’s also a lot more mine, and that’s a pretty sweet feeling so far. We’ll see how things go–and I’m sure that I’ll be able to make it all work out.

This means that more writing will be coming from me soon–my poor Patreon supporters. Today is my first day of breathing room in a bit, and then tomorrow I need to clean the old place, but… I think it’ll go all right. I’m in much better shape than my old desk–now in pieces.

So with that in mind, the subject line for this post is Heroic Hijinx, isn’t it? I want to talk about the books I’ve read recently. I do a lot less reading than an author should, but recently, basically by accident, I stumbled across the works of one Mia Archer… and saw she had super heroine lesbian fiction. So I had to dive in with the first novel, Villains Don’t Date Heroes!

Night Terror, or Natalie (or Natnat as I call her because I’m a dork and so is she) is an incredibly adorkable villain. She calls herself the greatest super villain the world has ever seen, and it’s hard to argue that she’s not impressive. Her city is hers–more or less… then Fialux shows up. (Her name might mean fire light, and I think is pronounce fee-uh-lou? It’s so pretty) She’s your classic kryptonian template. Strength, invulnerability, flight.. and she breaks all the rules, and beats Night Terror down… but is there maybe more going on than either of them knows that could bring them together?

Night Terror is in her own head a lot… and I mean a lot. It’s charming to me, but sometimes it did feel like barely anything happened in a chapter, early on at least. It reminds me of some of my early writing, and there were times when I was tempted to drop it… but oh was it worth it. It was such a charming, good story, and a “Villainous” perspective can be fun to indulge time to time.

Of course the joke to this is that Night Terror is much more of a heroine who doesn’t much care for law, traditional order, and thinks her tyrannical fist would be better for the world. That’s not GOOD, but honestly, with how much she actually terrorizes people… it’s arguable she’s less harmful than the police in our world.

In book two, Villains Don’t Save Heroes, we get to see Fialux and Night Terror grow closer. They have shared enemies, romantic moments, and the writing instantly improves. I don’t want to harp on anything or insult Mia–because I love her prose–but the first book and some of this one had some rough patches. By the end of this book those are practically gone, and you just get to see Night Terror exploring her sexuality–even if the eroticism isn’t on the page.

It’s good stuff, and I kinda don’t want to spoil anything.

In Villains Don’t Train Heroes we get a story that’s beginning to end cuteness between the two even if poor Fialux is having a problem… her girlfriend is there to help her solve it. Natalie and Fialux make a great couple, and it keeps bringing out the hero in Natalie. The villain may be teasing into Fialux, but who knows–she’s far too pure for that, too incorruptible for that, right?

The story sadly ends with them being split up–but not romantically. Circumstance. Physically. One of them is ripped across the cosmos… and the next two books are an amazing exploration of what happens next.

I’m Not A Hero and I’m Not A Villain take place at the same time–sort of. You should read Hero first, then Villain, as hero spoils the end of villain, but then… villain spoils the end of hero, so… I’d recommend publishing order!

We see what they’re like apart, now that they’ve had each other. Fialux is on her own, and Night Terror is basically back to where she began… but neither of them can really be the same person anymore. Night Terror continues to protest too much about not being a heroine, while being more and more heroic than ever… and Fialux? Well… maybe Night Terror has rubbed off on her more than just during their intimate moments alone.

So why do I of all people bring these up? Well while Silver Girl is currently in redrafting, it is very close to being released on Amazon–physical and epublishing. I’m so excited. Super Heroines are a thing I really enjoy reading, writing, and pondering… and this series is good for that. It’s also good if you like a character who is a total nerd making silly nerd references, but that feel more like how people actually make them–at least queer women–as opposed to Ready Player One’s vomit of references.

The characters are likable. Sexy. Emotionally connectable. This is what I want in my fiction–really really what I want in my fiction, and well…

It’s chock full of mind control.

The first story has two major uses, and one alluded. The latest two are just chock full. There’s more that we don’t know the full details about, and more revealed all the time.

The thing is, I don’t want to go in depth into anything spoilery… because I want you to read them. I want these books to be successful, so that I have someone to talk about them with. Give them a look! Leave a review!

Show this great author that their work is appreciated.

That’s all for me for now! This week’s release, Coping Mechanism, is a story of angst, grief, romance, loss, and lust. It’s different than my standard faire… but I think if you give it a try? You’ll find you just may like it.

For now, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Big Life Changes

Hello everyone!

I haven’t blogged lately, and that’s bad on my part. Sorry. Last month was incredibly exhausting–we’re moving soon it turns out! It was up in the air for the whole month, and I was fighting with this or that to make things fall into place… and now, well, we own a house! I’m on the deed of a house. Sadly we can’t move in until the 15th, but also we don’t need to rush to move in before the 15th, so that’s good, too.

Amusingly we literally moved from one side of Portland to the other, which makes the drive exceedingly long and frustrating. Every time we need to check something out, fix up some little thing, etc… ugh. And there is a lot more to do in the time up to the move.

Unfortunately this means that last month, and this month, have been and likely to some degree, will be, junk for my productivity. So much needs to be packed, taken care of, changed around… you can imagine! It’s important, and in the long run will lead to a situation much more apt to help me write a lot more, but for now… blech!

That said, I’ve also made some changes to my online presence. MC Stories is a site I care about immensely–more than I can put into words… but it’s not making me money and buying a house is expensive. House payments, HOA dues, utilities, movers… I’m going to be in a money crunch, and sadly, Patreon as it is alone isn’t cutting it as supplementary to my amazon presence.

As a result, I’ve removed all but the stories leading up to, and including, In Another Life from MCStories and the web except where one can buy them. It’s not the option that I wanted to take, but at this point it seems that I really need to focus on the ebook market over hoping I can get my Patreon to grow to the degree I want it to.

Feel free to let me know what you think of these changes, but know that I still fully intend to finish In Another Life on the EMCSA. It’s actually already written–but it’s a rather long story, so releasing it serially works much better for the site.

Apologies if you’ve reached out to me, I’ve been either busy or recuperating form being busy. Hopefully soon things will settle down.

In other news? I recently came across a lovely series on Amazon I’ve fallen in love with. The series is by Mia Archer, and I want to make a post just about that soon–but I didn’t want it overshadowed by my personal announcements.

Long story short: I’m moving so until probably the 20th my life is a bit up in the air. My apologies. Hopefully things will sort out sooner. I’ll try to get better at this, too.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and eachother.

Busted, Debased, More to Come!

Hello everyone! Sorry that I’ve been a bit absent here. Life has been very hectic lately, but I’ve been keeping up my release cycle, except for a little hiccup wherein I learned that having the word “tits” in your title at amazon is worse than having barely clothed nipples on your cover.

But an exposed ass, in lingerie, can be seen as too far. I will never understand what people use to determine whether something is searchable or not. It’s a very arcane process that I feel makes little to no sense when it only seems to affect the US Storefront. Alas, that’s not a very interesting subject for anyone besides me, so I’ll move on.

Since my last post two more stories have released–Busted, and Debased. I hope that you’ll give them a look over on my amazon! If you like stories with breasts playing a central focus in some good ol’ lesbian mind control, I think you’ll like this.

I’m aware that this weekend is the last time that the con Entranced will be happening over in the Chicagoland area. I hope that all attending have a lot of fun. I may be going to next year’s Charmed–a terrifying notion since I’ve literally never left the west coast–but I’ll have more details on that as it gets closer.

There’s going to be no update this weekend, sadly. Simon is taking a week off, and Simon’s breaks are my breaks. IAL will continue next week, but if you want another chapter already, you can get more by supporting my patreon.

Also, I’ve been working on a Podcast with Callidus for awhile–I’ve mentioned it here before. If you haven’t heard all of it, head over to THe Black Room and give it a listen!

I think that’s all for now! Silver Girl’s penultimate draft is in the hands of my editors/beta readers. Once I get it back, I’ll be fixing up formatting, adjusting hte cover… and then I’ll own a paperback copy of tAoSG.

I hope you’re as excited for that as I am!

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

The Fourth and More!

I’ve been hard at work with a very productive week of writing! Things are looking really good in a lot of ways, and I’m looking forward to having more and more to share with everyone!

Up on KU is “The Fourth” a revised and rewritten version a story I wrote over ten years ago. It’s got a brand new cover, is over four times as long, and frankly, if you liked the original?

This is even better.

You can find The Fourth on Amazon for purchase, or via Kindle Unlimited! I hope you read, and enjoy.

The story of Dust from the adventures of Silver Girl becoming Dust is well under way, and I think that a lot of people will be very excited to see the origins of one of my longest running fan favorites. I know that I’m eager to see what people think of it.

After that project is finished drafting, besides continued work on getting a story a week, the edits on The Adventures of Silver Girl will be resuming. I needed a bit of distance to make sure that I didn’t mess it up. Once that’s done, it’ll have some cover tweaks, and hopefully I’ll be able to get it out before August! That would be pretty exciting, wouldn’t it? My hope was for this month, but too much has conspired against me to make that the case.

This week more of In Another Life is already on My Patreon and will be on the EMCSA in just a matter of hours. I hope you’re all looking forward to it.

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other!

So Much To Talk About!

Hello there, everyone!

Sorry for missing last week. I’ve had a lot on my plate, and I was working very hard because I have an exciting announcement! I’ve finished the first draft of a rewrite of The Adventures of Silver Girl! It still follows the same story–for good and ill–but it is now in much more solid prose than it was 13 years ago!

It still needs an editing pass or two, but then once that’s done? I’ll be submitting it with some lovely cover art, and it’ll be available in paperback! Then, a week after that, in ebook format. Obviously, if you get the paperback, the ebook discount amazon gives will be available! I can’t promise a release date yet, but to whet your appetite? The original draft was 86k. The new has an additional 70k+ New words. That’s not 70kb, that’s 70,000 words plus.

I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Over on the EMCSA I’ve released In Another Life‘s start, and made a new section for it on my website! It’s a story that I’ve been very excited to share with you. The feedback on it so far has been glowing, and if you’ve been following the ‘In A Blank’ series then this is what they were all leading up to! New characters, old characters, and a storyline left unexplored… Check it out!

My last personal announcement is that my latest book, Conversion, is now available for purchase exclusively on Amazon. Trying out Kindle Unlimited to see how it works out, and we’ll have to see how it goes! I may do so in the future? I may not. It’s hard to be sure. For now, you can check it out here on Amazon!

I think that covers about everything big from me! I’m already hard at work on new projects… and I got to read a sneak peek of Chelicerate‘s newest chapter of Canary! It’s a good one–twisted, hot, fucked up, good… you’ll love getting a chance to check it out! Don’t miss the EMCSA this week! 🙂

Well, that’s it for now I think! I hope you’re all staying happy and safe, and I look forward to seeing you here again next week. Until then, take care of yourselves and each other… and happy reading!

Oh and just to give you something pretty to whet your appetite for more Silver Girl?

Enjoy this picture, courtesy of the wonderful artist Mute Alice!

In A Hot Minute

Hello there, everyone!

Are you looking forward to this update? I know I am! This week I’ll be in the update right alongside Chelicerate of Canary fame… in a byline! In A Hot Minute, a continuation of In A Hot Second, is by both of us and based on well, a little something we did together. Chastity’s voice was greatly enhanced by her work here, and I think if you liked the original? You’ll like this even more.

To entice you… well… here’s a bit of art!

Drawn by the wonderful artist Sebastian this is a great little glimpse at things to come~

I’ve got a lot coming up soon. This week was a quiet, week-off for me. I’ve been basically writing, editing, revising… nonstop for the past… oh… all of this year? My wordcount is over .5 million words already. I needed a bit of a break, and Memorial Day helped me start that off right.

As such, I don’t have a lot useful to say right now…but more is coming soon, including Patreon changes, and another story. I’ll share details on these soon!

For now, take care of yourselves, and each other!

Trained, Contract Negotiations, and a great deal!

Hello everyone!

No flash fiction today, but it’s also an early blog post so hopefully you’ll forgive me!

Today, my third Amazon book is released! This is my first in a more… standard style for me, I suppose you could say. It’s much darker, much less consensual, and has all of the things that I’d like to hope people expect in a Madam Kistulot story. It also may be just dripping with raw, lewd, brainwashing fun.

This week’s release… is Trained!

Holly wakes up on a train full of other professionally dressed women. She doesn’t remember how she got there. She doesn’t know where the train is going. She quickly discovers that she’s been chosen to be trained to be someone’s slave, and it may already be too late for her to even try to resist…

Trained Cover

Get a copy of Trained on Amazon today!

If you prefer Smashwords, then get it here!

Speaking of some nice stories that you might enjoy, that you can find on amazon? A. Regina Cantatis, better known to many of us as the MCStories author thrall, has a really impressive deal going on right now! Buy one, email her about it, and get another one of your choice sent to you for free! That’s a pretty great deal no matter how you shake it! This is going on through the end of the month, so if any of her stories appeal, check it out!

Why do I know about this but you don’t? I check her blog all the time, and find all sorts of neat, fun information! You can find that here: thrall’s blogspot.

And one final update for the moment? This week, MCStories is getting a new tale from me–specifically, one called…

Contract Negotiations [mc, ff]

Tara and Lindsey discuss the nature of their relationship, and the boundaries they’ve set to make sure both of them stay happy.

It’s a fun story that I think you’ll all enjoy, a lot.  My patreon supporters have already read it. Join their number and you can read it now, too!

So, please consider nabbing a copy of Trained, and spreading the word! I’m trying to ramp up my production/release schedule, and every little bit of financial encouragement helps! So does the regular kind, but I’d hope that would be obvious!

So thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

In A Bind, Trained, And More!

Hello, everyone!

No flash fiction this week, sorry! I am, however, going to start semi-regularly throwing out flash fiction over on my tumblr. It turns out when I don’t forget, that I have a lot of a built up backlog created by my patreon! So I think I’ll go back through those old flashes, polish them up if need be, and toss them out accordingly. Might even gather a large chunk of them up and make a compilation for Amazon and Smashwords. Still completely deciding on that.

Speaking of Amazon and Smashwords? I have a new short story due out next Tuesday named “Trained”–I’ll be posting up a short excerpt and a bit of a blurb here when that happens. It’s a bit of a darker story, much more intense, much more raw, and much more sexually intense. I hope that you all turn in for it. As a hint of just what it’s aiming for? The word Trained is being used three times over.

As for this weekend? A story that I’ve been waiting for is finally coming out–the next character that I’ve borrowed from a friend and made a part of the Midas City Universe. It’s a little story that I’ve named

In A Bind [mc, ff, bd, cb]

Midnightress pursues a vendetta against the corporation that took so much from her, but this time she may be in over her head.

And if that’s not enough to get you interested? Let me show you something really special: a piece of art by Rotem Dishon! Also titled In A Bind, it’s a good hint at some fun elements of this story.

Midnightress herself is based on a character created by Indystruck, who has a lot of art of the original version of the character, known as Sentinel of Twilight–often called Twi. I met her creator on City of Heroes, a game that I still really miss. It’s a real shame, but at the very least we got a lot of great characters out of it.

Patreon this week won’t be having an advance story due to a lack of funding last month to support the creation of a monthly exclusive, but that means next week the EMCSA is going to get their hands on “Contract Negotiations”,  last month’s exclusive. When the month ends I’ll be putting up a vote for the next exclusive based on suggestions by my patrons, and the winner will be written!

That’s all for this week! I hope that you enjoyed! If you’d like to be informed about new stories going up for sale, and other news, you can sign up for my mailing list here!

If you’d like to support my writing, please drop by My Patreon–every little bit helps and makes it easier for me to keep putting out free prose for everyone 🙂

Mommy’s Piano Lessons, Tomorrow, and The Black Room

Hello everyone!

A big announcement today, but before we get to that? Let’s have some flash fiction, shall we?


She only had to hold out one more day. Then it would be over. Then her friends would come. Then she would be free.

Tomorrow came, and the lights in her cell flashed anew, triggering words hidden deep in her mind.

She only had to hold out one more day. Then it would be over.

So, it’s the 10th again! And while I’ve learned that apparently in the Erotica biz you want to put out stories closer to 3 or 4 times a month, I at the very least wanted to hit the 10th again! More may be coming much sooner than before! But, before we get ahead of ourselves, this week sees the release of…

Mommy's Piano Lessons
Mommy’s Piano Lessons

Liz has always wanted to learn how to play the piano, and now she’s found a way. An older woman named Ashley is happy to teach her—using hypnosis! Liz has tried to experience hypnosis before with no luck, just like she’s tried and failed to learn the piano. In trying to grasp at one last chance to live out her musical dreams Liz takes a chance on Ashley’s lessons, but neither of them are ready for what happens when they sit down at the piano!

To pick up a copy, you can actually chose from two retailers: Amazon Smashwords

This is a story that I’m very proud of for a lot of reasons. Without spoiling too much, I think it may be one of the most romantic stories that I’ve ever written… but that might just be me! If it sounds at all interesting, check it out, leave a review if you wouldn’t mind, and pass it on! Don’t forget–Mothers’ day is coming up! If your Mommy deserves something sweet, a story can really hit the spot~

So that’s what’s up in terms of paid content from me this week! On the EMCSA this weekend, I’m releasing a bit of a different sort of story called…

Daughter of the Sun [mc, ff]

Gabrielle is out late indulging her addiction, and as if that weren’t bad enough she catches the attention of someone far more dangerous than her own self indulgence.

It goes through territory I haven’t touched for a long time, so I hope that you all enjoy it! My Patreon will be getting an advance copy of “In A Bind” tomorrow, the next Midas City offering from me!

Additionally, Callidus and I threw together another podcast! We talk about a lot of things, and Callidus shares with us some photoshop insight that I think is really fascinating if nothing else. We also talk about some stories you’ve just got to read, as well as the return of a very important author to the scene.

It’s going up at 7pm EST, and when it does? You can find it here! We had a lot of fun recording it, so I hope that you have a lot of fun listening to it! Callidus is really a standup guy, so you should check out his tumblr, and his website. If nothing else, there’s lots of great art to be found there! You want to see great art, right? Right?

Let me know if there’s anything that you’d like to see discussed here, anything that you’d like to hear more of, see more of… I’m always open to new ideas! Until next time? Take care of yourselves, and eachother!

New Motivations, Mailing List Sign-up, and future plans!

I hope that you all had a good International Workers’ Day!

This blog post is going to have some fun announcements, but before we get to any of that? Let’s have some flash fiction!

New Motivations

Jacqueline moaned as she lifted her naked, glistening body up, then slammed it back down on the sybian. She groaned as it shook through her, and clenched tighter.

She’d come to avenge her lover, but now she couldn’t even remember her own name. All she knew was if she came enough, Mistress would forgive her.

This week has been a very productive one. One of the first important things to get out of the way? In order to help my paid writing rank higher on Amazon, and thus make more sales, I’ve made a mailing list with Sendinblue! To sign up for it, click here! You’ll need to reply to an email for a double opt-in process, but then you’ll be getting news whenever I release new stories… and that’s the next bit of news!

So, next week on Thursday my new novel is going live! Are you excited? I’m pretty damned excited. I don’t want to spoil anything yet, but I think that you’re all really going to love it if you enjoy my work. It’s another fun exploration of hypnosis, and I think it’s even better than my last. Of course I’d say that, but I really think so.

Earlier this week it was brought to my attention that a lot of smut writers release writing far more frequently than once a month, and I really would love to get more stories out there? So in all likelihood the frequency of my Amazon releases is about to jump at least a bit. We’ll see how consistent that remains, but I would love to get more stories up for people to enjoy, and well… money does make it easier to afford food, so you can rely on more writing!

In free offerings, this week will see a new story from Midas City! It won’t have the CB tag because it’s not deeply wrapped up in such activity… directly… but this week you’ll be getting to read…

In A Heartbeat [mc, ff]

Emily is looking forward to spending time with the woman who means everything to her–Chastity Allen.

This one’s a story I’ve been eagerly waiting to share with all of you, so I hope you all really, really enjoy it! This story is already on My Patreon, and you can get access very easily with a pledge!

Also speaking of the EMCSA, this week is going to have more of Valasania’s Yew, a story that has so much promise in its first section. You need to read it if you haven’t! I’m also pretty happily impressed by zorkmeister’s Community Property, a fun little series of hive vignettes. Valasania was just saying how we don’t have enough hive stuff lately, and now two in such close proximity! Aah! Life is good! Also, Canary continues to heat up… don’t miss this update, or any of them!

This week on my Patreon you can get early access to a new story, “Daughter of the Sun” which well… I’ll let you imagine what that could mean!

While my Patreon may look as though it’s doing dramatically better at the moment, that’s largely due to a one-off commission. Overall, my Patreon has felt a bit less successful than it was the first time around, and well… my changes may not have helped it! Going forward some tiers are going to change. Getting access to the stories in pdf, epub, and mobi in advance is going to be bumped up to the $2 tier.  Additionally, I’m going to be returning the format of monthly stories to what they were before: story voted on from a list of patron submitted suggestions! I’ve been busy writing, cover designing, etc. so I don’t have the changes made yet, but they should be finalized by the end of this week.

That sounds like about everything that needs to be covered! Time to get some new words down! I have some writing to do, and I’ve been quite looking forward to it!

So, be ready on the 10th to drop by My Amazon Author Page and check out my new offering… which is exactly a week from today! Excited? I sure as heck am! Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other!