Story Recommendation, Future Plans, & More

Hello again, everyone!

It’s been a very eventful week for me. Hopefully if it has for you it’s only been eventful in positive ways. Recovering from dental surgery has been a far more arduous task than I originally envisioned, but for the most part everything’s just been up and up and up. I’d probably be more positive about my current state if I still had some Percocet lying around, but I’m making due without it more-or-less.

That said, I did finally get around to reading a story I should have read *years* ago… because it was released in 2014 by one of my favorite writers in the MC genre. Plus the title could be said to shamelessly pandering at me.

And that’sย before a character has the nickname of “MK”.

What story do I mean? Why of course naturally I mean A. Regina Cantatis’s (known to you familiar with the MCStories Archive as thrall) Union, Reunion: A Tale of Mind-Controlled MILFs

Union, Reunion, A Tale of Mind Controlled Milfs

As I said, this is a story I should have looked at sooner because it is incredibly delicious, and hits on so many of the reasons why Ms. Cantatis is known for writing such hot lesbian fetish smut.

It’s got all of the best stuff she’s known for. Sexy mind control? Check. Transformation? Check. A character who kinda wants it but is also at least vaguely sensible but not enough to escape? Check check check. Also a character that shares a nickname with me who is DOWNRIGHT ADORABLE.

If you enjoy mind control, it’s literally a dollar on kindle. Grab it, read it, review it! You will not regret it, and if you do, uhm… well, I’ll be shocked!

Thankfully if I can get a cover cobbled together I may have a release next week! My editrix has been continuing to work her butt off while I’m recovering, and that’s good for everyone! Seriously, thank Kia that I ever get anything in readable shape at all anymore.

And you can thank her, and talk with lots of cool people, over on the Mind Control Literature discord, here!

For now, I think that’s me. Hopefully next week will have a sexy new release, and I can get back to business as usual! Until then?

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

Black Lives Matter

Hello, everyone!

This post is late because I was too loaded on Percocet due to a recent bit of dental surgery to figure out how to log on using my laptop. Now that I’m a bit more healed up, my desktop is much easier to use.

That said, this post is less about me and more about drawing attention to an important topic: racism in the Erotic Mind Control community. I typed up a long tweet thread that you can read here, and I would strongly recommend you take a look at that.

Please give that a look, as I feel it goes into some very important depth and I couldn’t recapture it a second time.

As of now I’ve still yet to year back from Simon. That feels reasonable, given what a big deal this is…

But also a new discord has sprung up, beyond the MCL discord, to work on a community project from the ground up to create an alternative to the EMCSA. I still want to fix the issues at MCStories if possible for many, many reasons, but things are on the move to not simply be patient and wait for things to happen.

It’s not my project, but I support it even if I’m not skilled enough to provide much technical assistance.

Still, racism is a major issue in our community. It’s a major issue in a lot of communities. If you have a voice that people will listen to, I feel it’s your responsibility to use it to speak up and make things better.

Too long I was silent, and I know others have been as well? But personal responsibility here is key. This isn’t about shaming anyone else. This is about standing up, saying this is important, and trying to help counter it where I can. I’ve had a lot of BIPOC reach out to me, further educating me about their experiences since I made that series of posts. It’s been enlightening, but none of them needed to tell me these things for me to be able to see there was an issue that needed sorted out. That isn’t to say their words haven’t helped me figure out more about this issue, but none of them deserved me being silent until now. There was enough that I understood just fine.

Support BIPOC authors in our community, be they writers, readers, models, artists… anything.

I’ve mentioned them both before, but hey, if you haven’t read the works of Doctor D. orย  J. Darksong you may benefit from taking a look and seeing if anything they’ve written is up your alley. Follow the tweets of Ari who makes microfiction and is generally great. Check out the work of Brooke Pom over on her Patreon!

The community might look very white from who is highlighted, and what content we’ve ignored in the past, but it is NOT white, and we can do better to make these voices feel safe, welcome, and visible.

I hope you’ll join me in this task.

Until next week, when hopefully I have more to report on my own writing, I hope you’ll take good care of yourselves… and each other.

Elven Superiority and more!

Hello, everyone!

Earlier this week I released my first new Amazon release for awhile! Exciting, isn’t it? Sorry that this took me so long–genuinely! It was not intended, and certainly not my hope.

Thankfully, my writing has been flowing much more freely again, and I have a lot more projects on the horizon, including the next volume of the ongoing Adventures of Silver Girl!

But before I get ahead of myself? Elven Superiority is out now! Originally born from a commission, this story has only expanded from that point and I think you’ll all be very happy with the results. If the sound of elven magics, scent based control, and more appeals to you for a slice of lesbian mind control erotica, well… you can’t afford to miss out on Elven Superiority!

Cover for Elven Superiority
Elven Superiority

It was a very fun story to initially write, and I’m rather sure you’ll all agree that it’s a very fun story to read too.

As for what the future holds?

I’ve been hard at work in a lot of different directions. My secret project continues on, secretly, with the first release for it nearly ready. I want to time it properly so it all comes out in a good flowing order. It’s planned for a serial release, so I hope you’ll all be looking forward to it!

Similarly, the next major Silver Girl release, The Argentum Project, is also being prepared for a serial release schedule. It was originally released serially, and I haven’t experimented with this via Amazon much in the past, but I’ve heard of others (readers and writers alike) attesting to fun with the format… so it seems worth a try!

I also have other projects that are being kept fairly quiet until at least next month. I hope you’ll continue to join me on this adventure. There’s so much more fun lewd content to create, and to consume!

Until next week,

Take care of yourselves and each other!

A mass of new words!

Hello, everyone!

I’m getting this blog post written up early for once–can you believe it? It’s been a long time since that’s been the case.

I have very good news! My latest story that’ll be going up on Amazon is currently sitting with my editor! Once she gets it back to me, and I throw together a little cover? A little formatting and I’ll be submitting it! It’s a longer one, over 20k, while not being part of the Silver Girl series or anything I would call a novel.

But that said? It’s definitely somethin’ else! I have a feeling that you’re all really going to dig it. It’s a bit of a different direction than a lot of my other works, but not in a way that screams change–just a way that screams variety.

Look forward to some delicious magic, and some pointed ears in the near future.

That said, in terms of Silver Girl related projects I have made some very good progress towards getting back towards the next major Silver Girl project. Unfortunately it’s still a little ways off, but not as long as it was before! Stay tuned for more on that!

There’s a LOT of writing coming from my fingers lately. I want to say a good three stories have dripped from my fingers in the last couple weeks, and that’s not including some flash fiction for the next compilation, and the start of another series I’m looking forward to debuting on Amazon… sometime soon? I’m trying to juggle a lot right now and hopefully if I can pull it off for just a little longer we can all get something truly amazing.

I hope you’ll stick with me for that process.

Until then, I recommend you stop by the MCLiterature discord! The discussion about new MC Stories has really been growing there lately and you don’t want to miss out!

Also until then?

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Writings Getting A Little Easier

Hello, everyone!

I know activity from me has been slow, and I am really sorry about that. During times like these I know that having a world, a story, something to lose one’s self in is really important and I’ve been slacking on doing my part to help with that… but it’s getting a little easier.

This year has been hard for everyone. I don’t think I speak only for myself in saying that. The ongoing pandemic has both been a horrible problem, and a catalyst setting off unexpected problems that didn’t need to happen–even in the face of such a problem. The dominoes can be exhausting to watch fall.

But you aren’t alone, and you’ve got plenty of us here to help!

My stories might be slow to come out, but you should be over in the MCLiterature discord here:

Every week we have people reviewing stories and pointing out things you just can’t afford to miss!

I’m going to recommend you all read Modren’s Whiteout if you haven’t. It’s a CB story and I’ve given a little input here or there, so I’m biased, but I think you’ll all agree it’s hard to NOT be biased in this situation. It’s good stuff. if you want to get new chapters faster you can subscribe to their patreon over here!

You also really need to read HypnoticHarlequin’s latest. It’d be a shame if more people didn’t read her AMAZING work!

That’s all for me, but more is on the horizon… so stay tuned!

Until then, take care of yourselves, and eachother!


Really, really intend to post more…

Hello, everyone!

I’m sorry that, again, there has been such a delay on new posts from me! ๐Ÿ™

I do, however, have some good news to offer up…! After so long I have actually written a new draft of something…! It’s going to be going up on my Patreon before it goes up anywhere else as a reward to everyone there who has been so patient while I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it and utterly failing to have a useful answer.

This new draft is very fetish fuel indulgent, but what’s wrong with that? My plans are to try switching my patreon to a model that allows for regular work on short-and-long form fiction, with a leaning towards the latter, removing flash fiction as it just ends up… very stressful to me, especially during times like these.

I’ll be putting up that new story on my Patreon very soon–it needs editing, but it’s been drafted. Then I have a commission to write, and then, well…

We go from there.

Thank you, everyone, and my apologies for being so… poorly present.

Until next time… take care of yourselves, and each other!

Interruptions, Delays, Trying to Get Back on Track

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a bit, and quite unintentionally.

Stories have continued to release if at a less than ideal pace, and a new wrench got thrown into everything. A bit back I started getting an intense pain in a tooth, extreme cold sensitivity, and it turns out… I needed a root canal. Thankfully the procedure itself went smoothly (apparently I have “long teeth” according to the dentist–which is news so me but who am I to argue?) but it’s just been the start of some unknown dental troubles to solve.

Thankfully, that procedure went fine, but there’s a lot more I’ve had to deal with since. Take it from me–don’t put off dentist visits, even during a pandemic.

A very dear friend has been dealing with COVID, and it’s been absolutely terrifying. I’d hoped the lasting effects were being overstated, but that seems to, unfortunately, not be the case. Hopefully it ends up not being permanent.

Life’s felt both like it’s going so fast, and paused at the same time, making production slow and be somewhat… difficult at times. I know we all need some good erotica when times are tough, but between dental work, extreme stress, and what feels like so many things I’m forgetting, it’s all getting a bit clogged…

But I’m doing my best to keep going!

I’ve been helping with editing on Modren’s “Whiteout” series over on the EMCSA still, and I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading myself. If anything stands out as far above the board, I’ll be sure to share it here.

She-Ra’s final season dropped, but don’t worry–that didn’t cause much delay–watched it all in two settings. I don’t want to spoil anything, but as anyone might expect after the end of last season, well… you may wish to check this season out. It’s pretty amazing.

I really feel like I should have more to add on, but I’m somewhat at a loss. Really do hope to be keeping this schedule a bit better. My apologies for delays, but I imagine most of us are a bit off kilter at the moment.

Here’s to things improving, soon.

Until then, best wishes, and I’ll see you all again soon!

National Horny Day

Hello, everyone!

I hope that you’re all doing well. Things are finally starting to feel more normal on my end, but maybe it’s because social media has declared it National Horny Day, and I’m a purveyor of just that kind of content.

I just released the third in The Argent Road series, and if you’ve not kept up, you really should!

Misted Facets
Misted Facets

Misted Facets looks back at Valerie Raine, first introduced in The Memory Remains, and let’s us see what she’s been up to. We also just learn a lot more about her in general, including some of her secret desires and fantasies. It’s a fun path on The Argent Road, and you can check it out here on Amazon!

There’s more to come, obviously–so much more. Soon I think I’ll be teasing at the story I’ve been calling “Untitled Madam Kistulot Project.” I’ve finally fully moved into this new PC, even if it makes me feel a bit anxious around the edges, but it means that projects are going a lot smoother.

My website updated! That means new art, new smut, new good stuff all around! I heavily recommend checking out what’s new here!

I hope you’ve all been adapting well to things, and generally feeling well. New content has been flowing easier on the whole creation side of things, so with any luck more will be coming at a more regular clip. I still intend to try aiming for every-other-week at the moment, but content is being generated.

Thank you all for continuing to read my work, and I hope to see you all again soon. Until then, take care of yourselves and each other!

No Exciting news… mostly!

Hello, everyone!

So, I don’t have the most exciting news to offer up. Progress on rewrites and the like has continued, as has the occasional bit of work to new projects that I hope you’ll all still get to see this year!

While I don’t have a lot to show in those regards at the moment…

I do have some excitement to report! Namely, that if you like my writing, I’ve been helping a writer who is writing a story right up my alley with editing/revisions! Namely, Modren!

This weekend should see the releases of chapters 2 and 3, and I look forward to seeing the story continue! If you enjoy my work, then I’d recommend giving Modren’s story here a look. A very promising up and coming author, and I think you should read, and give feedback!

That’s me for this week, but hopefully I’ll have more exciting to share soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care of you and yours!

Locked Up And Adapting

Hello everyone!

I said that I’d be working harder at this, but I’ve been doing a fairly poor job of that, haven’t I?

This global pandemic came at a very, very bad time for me. I was planning on starting to step back from the level of writing I’d been in before because relying on it while dealing with mood instability has been difficult… but this sort of put all of those plans on hold–I’m sure that you can quite easily imagine why.

A friend of mine has COVID. Living in Oregon, I’m on lockdown. We can go outside to walk if we can avoid people, or shop for necessities, and… nothing else. I’m an introvert, but I’d been relying on long slow walks outside for a lot of things, and losing that has been demoralizing, as has the uncertainty of the future.

Computer problems have compounded things. I needed to get my hands on a new system due to instability on the former, but let’s say the new one isn’t… exactly the most comfortable feeling either, so I’ve been struggling to get that figured out, too, and running into new problems amidst a global pandemic? Not great.

I considered not posting this. We’re amidst a global pandemic, and people come to M. Kistulot, the Madam Kistulot, etc, to get off. To cum. To get some hot fiction…

But I’m also the writer of The Memory Remains, and a fair few other distressing stories. I’m a woman, real and living, and you wouldn’t read my blog if you didn’t want some kind of connection beyond solely reading my work.

A lot of people are using the time in lockdown to get things down, stories written, projects created, etc… and for me, a woman who has spent a lot, a lot of time writing, creating, producing projects while maintaining a traditional job, while going to school, while focusing on nothing else… I’ve had a hell of a time.

The future is uncertain. The past feels useless to show me what to expect. The present is a state of stasis, and I don’t handle feelings of being helpless well when I can’t safeword out or get some moment of catharsis.

I’m not the only one, and if this is affecting you, too, that’s okay. Last year was rough on me, a disastrous illness that felt nearly lethal, a big break-up, and a fair few projects that fell through and didn’t quite work out the way that I’d hoped. If you had a 2019 anything like I did, then 2020 hits and even if you try to keep in mind a year is an artificial unit of time…

A lot of us were hoping 2020 would bring us something new, something different, some new chances and opportunities, and it didn’t do that for a lot of us.

Right now, the best thing that we can do is try to be there for each other, and ourselves. What will the future bring? I don’t know. How long will it take for life to feel like it isn’t an indefinite waiting period? I’m not sure either.

But I’m trying to make it so I have new content to offer, and I hope that things are going alright for all of you, too.

Best hopes and wishes for all of you.

Until next time… take care of yourselves and each other.