Red Moon Excitement

Hello, everyone!

The final story of the original Silver Girl decalogy will be releasing soon!

Red Moon rising is a story that builds on all of the past nine stories. At the time, I was convinced I would write RMR and then be done writing mind control, just… bam, instantly.

I’d move on to “respectable” writing.

Sure glad that bug crawled out of my ass and I realized my passion is writing women losing their minds in sexy ways!

So Red Moon Rising became a very important story to me. I needed to put every last little touch I wanted into the series, into a story of its like… and I think that it lives up to that goal.

So if you want to preorder it… you have a few days before Volume 1 drops…!

Red Moon Rising Volume 1: Silver Symmetry
Red Moon Rising Volume 1: Silver Symmetry

It’s up for pre-order on Amazon, and adding it to your library on Smashwords makes it that much easier to grab up!

I also want to stop and highlight the brilliant work done on the cover! The art was done by the immensely talented (and incredibly lovely to work with) Rinku Bny. She has done a lot of art for Silver Girl that you haven’t seen yet, and that should make you excited!

I definitely am.

Similarly, my editrix aleksandra (who did not edit this book–that was kia!) did a wonderful job modifying the original work to make a better cover. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t immense photoshopping–just layout tweaking. Without it you wouldn’t be getting a cover that looked half as good!

Both deserve nothing but appreciation!

Also, gosh, Rinku really did a great job with the back of Sarah’s updated look, huh? I never thought of it like that, but now that I’ve seen it? I love it! This is one of the big reasons why I love working with visual artists: they’re so much more visual than I am!

So, am I hyping this release too much? Maybe! I hope you all enjoy it when it inevitably drops!

What else is coming from me in the near future?

$5 patrons get Ongoing Education today at noon–a story about a teacher and her student. $10 patrons get to read the first half of Give a Penny, Take a Penny, a story about a super heroine at the end of her rope… and $15 patrons get to read the conclusion!

If you want to know more?

Check out my patreon!

After I write this I’ll be right off to Patreon to write my weekly patron-exclusive blog post, and anyone gets that for the minimum monthly pledge, and the month JUST ticked over, so check it out!

Also, look forward to some art going up on my website to commemorate the path from tAoSG to here… and here’s a little preview!

If you want to see it sooner?

Check out my discord server, here!

For now? Take care of yourselves, and each other!

To Serve and Compile

Hello again, everyone!

Today is an exciting day! I keep meaning to push this blog back to Tuesdays for various reasons, but it keeps not working… so maybe I need to accept that it isn’t good for my schedule. That said?

To Serve and Obey is out, and some have even received their paperbacks!

To Serve and Obey now available!
To Serve and Obey now available!

Grab yourself a digital copy on Smashwords, pick it up on Amazon, or grab the paperback on Amazon!

People on my discord server were informed of this release before everyone else! It came out early as a special treat for my birthday. If you want to see when that happens so you don’t miss out, join us on discord!

Want to see how my shelf looks at the moment?

That book with the edited spine is Red Moon Rising–a prerelease copy for cover tweaking. Though my editrix/cover designer did an excellent job on it, we wanted to be perfectly sure there would be no issues since we’re moving on to a new artist!

That’s right, starting with Red Moon Rising the art of Silver Girl, and my other works, will no longer be represented by Rotem Dishon. To get a little preview of the art for Red Moon…


I think you’ll agree it’s astounding art.

If you’d like to preorder, you can do so on Amazon! If you’d like to add a copy to your library on Smashwords, you can do so here!

Red Moon Rising is a story that a lot of people have been waiting for, long time fans and those who first jumped onto the series with the rewrites. I’m so eager for them to see what many back in 2007 called the best story in the series, including fellow writer Flibinite. Though it was Ink Soaked Penumbra that won an award from the community, RMR was a story a lot of people remember fondly.

I am so eager for March!

But there’s still more to come from me this week! Tomorrow my $5 tier patrons get to see the end of Fantasy to Reality, a story that really means a lot to me in a twisted, libido-driven fetishistic sense. My $10 patrons get to read Ongoing Education, a lovely short story about a girl and her teacher. My $15 tier patrons get to read Give a Penny, Take a Penny. This story was inspired in part by sharing a birthday with fellow MC Writer Skaetlett, so take from that what you will. It’s part one of two, but there’s still so much in part one to look forward to!

And so many more stories after that, too!

Almost a week into being 35 I can reiterate easily how much I adore each and every one of my fans. You’re all great and I am thankful for each and every one of you!

Until next week?

Take care of yourselves… and each other!

To Serve and Recover

Hello, everyone!

It’s my birthday in two days! February 19th is a number I’ve always liked, and I share the birthday with some other great people. I hope all of you who share it have great days, too!

I can barely believe how far my journey as a part of the erotic mind control community has come. I started out my journey as Madam Kistulot back in 2005, and now, in 2022, I’ve written millions more words, met so many people, experienced so many amazing, exciting moments… and it’s been thanks to all of my fans.

Sincerely, I spent so many years trying to write very bland, very vanilla fantasy, and I wouldn’t say it was a waste… but I definitely didn’t write much worth remembering. Some of those characters have been repurposed and repackaged, but the writing itself always went nowhere.

Now I’ve found my voice, and I could theoretically even write outside of the genre. Some day I should probably try again just for my own sake, but I don’t want to, and I don’t think that I ever will entirely abandon mind control.

It’s just too much fun.

Speaking of fun! This weekend I’m going to begin releasing a series of stories that I selfishly wrote very much for me. Fantasy to Reality is the name, though I kinda want to write more stories with that title in the future, more subtitles, but… It may be the most self indulgent story I’ve ever written. If anyone else enjoys it, it’ll entirely be a perk to me.

But I loved writing it.

That’s going to hit for my $5 patrons tomorrow! $10 patrons get to see how it ends… and my $15 patrons? You get to read a single, standalone tale, “Ongoing Education” about a teacher and a student with a very inappropriate relationship!

To learn more, check out my Patreon!

So, that’s nearly all… but!

This weekend I’ll have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT on my discord! Only people who are there will get to see, so…

Join up!

I’m planning to switch to Tuesdays next month, but that shouldn’t be so bad.

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Oh, and if you want to buy me a last minute gift? You do so here!

To Serve and Conclude

Hello again, everyone!

Sorry for the lateness on this post, but I think it’ll make sense after you read the contents!

This week has two rounds of big news. Let’s start out with the more exciting news–the final volume of To Serve and Obey, Consensuality and Consequences, is now available!

To Serve and Obey Volume 6 available now!
To Serve and Obey Volume 6 available now!

Check it out today, and nab a copy on either Smashwords, or Amazon!

Soon the compilation will be released, giving you a one-purchase way to read the whole of the penultimate story in the original Silver girl series… but who wants to wait that long, huh?

You can pre-order on Amazon here (unfortunately you cannot pre-order paperbacks), and you can add it to your library on Smashwords here!

So, that’s the good news.

The bad news is that back in December I was diagnosed with a cyst in my wrist. The condition started in September, but due to moving from Oregon to Massachusetts, getting it examined wasn’t as easy as I’d have liked.

Unfortunately, while it was supposed to just get better and I’d be able to move on with my life? It appears that has not been the case. It also turned out, after a nasty MRI, that it isn’t a cyst at all, it’s an inoperable tendon problem. So while I received an injection that hopes to fix it… odds are good that it will not get any better, and will in face only get worse from here.

So far it hasn’t impacted my ability to write, but to be honest it’s only a matter of time. It’s already made life a lot harder, and the 48 hours after the injection hurt a lot. Coping with this emotionally, given how difficult it has been to use my hand and I’m being told it’s probably not going to recover, well…

That’s life right now.

Today on Patreon my $5 patrons are getting to read the finale of Undercover! My $10 patrons get to read Fantasy to Reality, a story about an authoress returning home from college for a very lovely surprise, and my $15 patrons get to read the conclusion of Fantasy to Reality!

Even more than usual, if you would like to support my patreon, that would mean a lot to me.

So, enjoy the conclusion of To Serve and Obey… and the stories from my Patreon!

If you’d like to chat with myself and other fans of erotic Mind Control, and you’re over 18, join us here on discord!

If you would like to chat with fans of my work specifically, join the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord!

Until next time, take care of you and yours!

To Serve and Anticipate

Hello again, everyone!

I hope that you’re all doing well! it’s February, and that means it’s my birthday soon! It’s also the birthday of one of my editrixes soon, so you should all wish her a very happy birthday in advance–she’ll be one whole year older before my next blog post!

This is also the month of Valentines, so might I make a recommendation for some of my more romantic stories to savor?

Romancing Roses

The Romancing Roses series is three stories, Rose Petals, Rose Miracles, and Rose Rejuvenation. All three are tales of romance, with a distinct rose scent.

Mommy’s Piano Lessons is an overwhelmingly consensual example of hypnotic romance grounded very much in reality.

Molded is an unusual romance story, one involving alien goo, but two lovers are reunited and I think that’s just lovely. Fairly certain you’ll agree!

Latex Sex Kitten: Reyna’s Adventures in Hypnotic Submission is a tale of lovers engaging in some hypnotic latex-and-pet play fun, so if any of that strikes your fancy? Take a look!

Halloween might have been over in October (or January, if you’re a Bojack Horseman fan) but I have Possession, a ghost romance that’s sure to give you the good chills.

Lastly, it’s a story written for Yule, but Gift of the Sorceress is a classic in my catalog for a reason. Is there still conflict and drama? Oh yes. There’s just a lot of sweet, cutesy romance so if you’re in the mood for snugging up in sweaters? This may still hit the spot.

That’s my recommendations for things to keep you busy while you wait for next Tuesday and the release of the final volume of To Serve and Obey! By the way, if you want to be amongst the first to get your hands on Volume 6: Consensuality and Consequences? You can add it to your library on Smashwords, or preorder on Amazon!

But that’s not all that’s up my sleeve, either!

Tomorrow, my $5 patrons get to read Part 2 of my latest exciting spy story! $10 patrons get to see the conclusion… and my $15 patrons get to see a story of a mind control erotica authoress returning home for a very lovely reunion. If any of that sounds fun, and you’d like to read my patron-only weekly blog posts?

Check out my patreon!

Every bit of money I get there helps me with the costs of life, and supports my drive to write as much as I can and publish it in my variety of ways!

As a final note you can find me over on the Madam Kistulot’s Domain discord server, or Mind Control Literature, a discord server I administrate as a more general place for mind kink perverts.

Hope to see you there, but regardless of if/when you show up?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

To Serve and Penultimately Obey!

Hello again, everyone!

The penultimate volume of To Serve and Obey is now available!

To Serve and Obey Volume 5: Ninjas and Nipples available now!
To Serve and Obey Volume 5: Ninjas and Nipples available now!

This section has a scene that my editrix considers the best scene in the entirety of To Serve and Obey, and a contender for the best in the series… so you won’t want to miss out on this!

Check it out on Smashwords here,  and here on Amazon!

If you want to preorder the final volume, Consensuality and Consequences? Preorder on Amazon here or add to your library on Smashwords here!

So with that out of the way, goodness, we’re already almost 1/12th of the way through the year! Can you believe it? February! That’s the month with my birthday in it, too, so  I’m understandably pretty excited.

Which if you haven’t seen it yet, I decided to have some fun and make a silly little wish list on Amazon. If you’re crunched for cash right now, or don’t want to grab anything? Do not feel bad or worry about it AT ALL! This was just something I wanted to do for fun, and I don’t want anyone to worry about it.

Read my work as it releases on ROM and the EMCSA. Fan mail is even better, for anything I write!

I’ve been busy at work getting the last little things I need ready for the novel following To Serve and Obey, and I think you’re all really going to enjoy it! It was a favorite of a lot of people when I released the original version back in 2007, and the rewrite is so much better.

I’m really excited for all of you to see it!

Last weekend Facetized released over on ROM and the EMCSA thanks to my Patreon backers. As for this week? My $5 patrons get to read the first part of the sequel to Undercover: The Interrogation of Shauna Larson (ROM/EMCSA). Amusingly, I actually wrote this sequel’s outline first, but realized it would work better as the first release.

$10 patrons read part 1 a week ago, and 15$ patrons read it two! For $15 you’ll get to read the whole thing this Friday! Pretty great, huh?

To find out more, check out my Patreon here and read the weekly exclusive blog post about what I’m up to professionally!

If you’d like to chat with myself and other fans of my work, check out Madam Kistulot’s Domain! If you’d like to chat with other lovers of Erotic Mind Control? Check out another server that I administrate–Mind Control Literature, or MCL!

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

A Little Late, but Almost Well!

Hello, everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well. My recent bout with COVID seems to be cleared away. I’m hoping to be a lot more productive very soon.

The penultimate chapter of To Serve and Obey is coming so very soon! And that means the series is nearly through. It’s been a really fun time seeing people’s reaction to what’s arguably one of Silver Girl’s most important outings.

I really can’t wait to see what you all think of the ending!

As for my Patreon, this week my $5 patrons get a story about a gem collection, and both my $10 and $15 dollar patrons are getting to read the follow-up to the spy story I wrote a couple years back. The higher tiers get to read more things before anyone else!

I know this is very short, but unfortunately I’m still not quite 110% quite yet.

Hopefully next week I’ll be right as rain, and there’ll be no more worries about any of that! But in the meantime?

I hope you all take care of yourselves, and each other.

Oh, one last thing?

I am ill, but it doesn’t change that my birthday is coming up! February 19th!

If you’d like to support me via grabbing something from a wishlist on Amazon? You are currently able to do so here! No pressure, it just seemed like a fun thing to do. I hope no one pushes beyond their means.

But for now… goodbye for real!

To Serve and Obey: The Final Showdown with Jesse Colloten!

Hello again, everyone!

If you aren’t aware, Volume 4 of To Serve and Obey has released… and it’s a very important chapter!

Volume 4: Lingering Words and a Shining Oath is available now!
Volume 4: Lingering Words and a Shining Oath is available now!

You can find it on Smashwords or Amazon, and I know you’ll all love this one!

Meanwhile, if you want to pre-order the next? You can do so on Amazon, and you can add it to your library on Smashwords! 🙂

So, I’d love to make this a very long post about a lot of different things… but unfortunately my whole apartment caught COVID-19, and while I’m starting to feel better (nearly a week later, and after feeling pretty horrible) I’m mostly trying to just take it easy.

Please, get boosted, wear masks, socially distance… take it incredibly easy! I was boosted and masked, and it still feels this awful. Feeling better is incredibly relative and I don’t even know if I could end up with any long term effects yet.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

So many best wishes until next time.

Happy 2022, and looking to the future!

Hello again, everyone!

It’s a whole new year… but this blog post has been written back in 2021 in an effort to keep myself from working too much for an entire week. As such, I’ll more be talking about the plans I have for 2022…

After wishing all of you a very happy new year!

2022 is going to be a very important year for me. Back in 2018 I sat down and decided to rewrite the original Silver Girl series because it was uh… let’s say… not my best work. I wrote it originally back in 2005, when I was only 18. Needless to say, few people are capable of writing the best work of their lives at such a young age. I’ve come a long way, learned how to accept edits and critique…

I’ve met so many people. Read so many stories. Had so many experiences.

The new drafts of the original 10 books that compile to make the full, original Complete Adventures of Silver Girl (which may eventually need a new name, it’s being debated for future-me to worry about) took a lot of time, and effort, and not all just mine.

I couldn’t have made this much progress without my lovely editrix, Kianna Skogseth. She was there for me through emotional troubles, she edited my books… What more can I say?

Rotem Dishon being the first artist I ever contracted for art will always be a very important person to these initial releases, even if Red Moon Rising, and the covers that follow, will be from new artists.

There’s just so many people for me to thank, and I’d forget someone if I tried to be thorough, so instead I’ll just make sure to thank Angie again for her loan of Pandora, even  if the evidence of her from before I wrote her is basically gone from the internet, which is a shame.

Listing out everyone I thanked with a dedication would be silly when they’re written in dedications, but I almost want to.

2022 will have the final story, Red Moon Rising, following shortly after the conclusion of To Serve and Obey which is book 9 of the series. It features magic, lesbian mind control, heroism, and so much more. I don’t want to spoil it, for a large amount of reasons, but you’ll definitely all be enjoying that!

Red Moon Rising is a long story, and will take us well into 2022. After that, I already have a lot more planned for all of you. This year even has a planned Halloween special, and sequels to some stories that I think you’ll really enjoy that aren’t even Silver Girl related!

But for now, I think that’s a lot said here. I’ll have more to say in the future, more to write, release… but that’s pretty good.

My $5 Patreon tier this week is going to get to read the conclusion to Wired into the Grid. $10 Patrons will get to read a story about a vampire… and $15 Patrons get to check out a fun story about a very sexy collection.

You can check out my Patreon to learn more… and if you’d like to chat with myself and other fans of my writing? You can check out my discord server! I hope to see you there.

That’s me, and I hope that you’ll all take care of yourselves…

and each other!

You Always Spark the Ones You Love, and a happy new year!

So, it’s not terribly long now before 2022, and that means I won’t be releasing another blog post until it’s well after the new year. To take care of that now…

A happy new year to all of you!

That said, before the year ticks over there is one last release on Smashwords and Amazon…and I think you’ll all enjoy it!

To Serve and Obey Volume 3: You Always Spark the Ones You love is available now! Pick up your copy today.

Volume 3: You Always Spark the Ones you Love is available now!
Volume 3: You Always Spark the Ones you Love is available now!

If you want to preorder Volume 4, you can do so here on Amazon, or add it to your Smashwords library here.

Next week will be the first year of 2022, and while there will be a blog post at such a time, it’s going to be written in advance. It’s been a long time since I haven’t spent an entire week doing any work at all… and I intend on making it so this week sets a new, better trend for me.

Namely, taking vacations.

So while there will still be stories this next weekend, I’m going to be completely refraining form any duties associated with publishing, writing, editing, etc. I need a little time to just be and relax to fix this nasty case of burnout.

I’ll try to make it nice and interesting, but in the meantime I do have one other little thing to share. If you enjoy art? My website has a new link, just for you!

New Art now available from Hinton Blitz!
New Art now available from Hinton Blitz!

It was drawn by the ever wonderful artist Hinton Blitz and you should really check out their work! Great person, great artist… I could just go on about them for awhile!

…and you may just have more coming from them in the near future!

This week will be the first EMCSA update for awhile. The new story for the $5 tier of my Patreon will be the first part of Wired into the Grid, a story about a reporter digging into a car company’s underhanded dealings. My $10 tier is going to change, switching to only one week ahead, and will have part 2. My new $15 tier will have A Vampire’s Promise, a story about… as you may have guessed it?

A vampire!

Check out these stories and more on my Patreon.

Until next week?

Have a lovely New Years Eve, and let’s all have a GREAT 2022!