Business As Usual Feels Nice!

Hello everyone!

So I didn’t want to be worrying to anyone, but the last couple of months were not my most productive. It was a little stressful at times–but moving will do that! Moving, living situation stresses, trying to make this new place feel like a home… it was a little bit draining. Now, however? Things have been burning forward at a pace that I’ve come to expect from myself. It’s really nice.

That means lots of new words down! Some of them for things that won’t be released anywhere for months? But others for Patreon exclusive rewards. You can find details on how you can chip in to my monthly Patreon and get flash fiction, shorts, and more for just a little bit of cash every month right here!

In other news, my latest flash collection is out! I really hope that everyone likes it! Flash fiction is something I used to have complicated feelings about. Now? I just love writing it. I think I might write some more later tonight for some future collections. If you want to take a look at it on Amazon, then you can find it here:

Pocket Watches and Glazed Eyes: Twenty Tales of Erotic Mind Control Volume 2 is on Kindle Unlimited now!

Other things: The author copy of The Adventures of Silver Girl is on its way to me. It’s 460 pages, and is 1.5 pounds, which to me sounds… insane. I can’t wait to have it in my hands so I can give it some final glances before November 6th–the official release date, and the 13th year anniversary of the initial release to the EMCSA!

Last week was largely busy with Silver Eclipse, which is only needing a final pass before my editors get a look. The cover is being worked on again by the amazing artist Rotem Dishon, and it looks… so incredibly good so far. I hope that I can excuse getting another for The Memory Remains!

This weekend I watched an old favorite movie of mine, John Carpenter’s “In The Mouth of Madness”. If you like creepy, bizarre, lovecraftian films? Check it out. The score is great, and Sam Neil does an amazing job in the lead role.

Looking forward to getting up to some good reading soon from some old favorites, and the new stories on the archive and elsewhere. For now I think that’s the most interesting thing I have to share, so… Until next time? Take care of yourselves, and each other!

A Productive Week

Hello everyone!

I hope that you’re all as excited for October as I am. Halloween, or Gay Christmas (I’d prefer Queer Christmas myself, more inherently inclusive a term in my experience) is probably the best holiday of the year. I can be a bit of a sucker for the cool winter cuddle holidays, but Halloween is all about wearing a mask to express things more loudly than you could with your face exposed.

Who doesn’t love powerful imagery like that?

Think of it for a moment: how can you chose a costume without revealing that you wanted to wear it, or if you settled for it, that you’re desperate for validation and to be a part of the holiday that you’ll settle for any costume? There’s a lot of potent revelations about people if you look at how they cloak themselves when they can chose anything, when there are so few limitations…

I like to wear a cloak, or other variations on a cape. That probably says a lot about me. For one, that I like capes.

Bad humor aside, this week started the release of my Halloween anthology, Halloween Screams: Tales of Sapphic Treats. It has three volumes that will be released this year though who knows, I might try for a fourth. Next week is going to see the release of another flash fiction collection though, and that promises to be interesting.

In the meantime… I’ve been burning the midnight oil, and the wick from both ends. On what, praytell? Why, Silver Girl is all but ready to go to print, scheduled for a November 6th release… so I’m already burning ahead. Silver Eclipse is already first-pass revised up through chapter 10 of 17. The process for this is to go from start to finish, revising, tearing through… Then work on another project or three, then come back and do the same again, and then finally have my editors look over for anything that I’ve missed. They were truly invaluable in helping with The Adventures of Silver Girl, and I’m sure they will be with Silver Eclipse, too.

Have you come across any delicious mind control tidbits lately? Have any stories that have caught your eye, movies that strike your fancy, etc?

Reach out, let me know! I’m always looking for something new and delightful!

For now, I think that’s all from me. I’ve been a bit deep in my own work but I wanted to peek my head out. As reminder, I have a Patreon campaign going. Once a month it gets a story no one gets for at least a month without being a subscriber, I write flash fiction for everyone who pays $5 or more, and there’s opportunities to commission a whole story from me if you have something 5-10k you’d like to see! You can check my patreon out here for more details!

I’ll be back next week? But in the meantime… Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Reading Recommendation: A. Regina Cantatis

Hello everyone!

Delivery is now released, available in both Kindle and Paperback formats. If you’re at all interested in paperbacks, and take a picture and share it with me, I’ll be more excited than you know… but there’s no pressure there! It’s also set up so you can request it from your local library, and any pictures of that would be a thrill too. What writer doesn’t love libraries, even if they don’t make you rich?

That said, the subject of this week’s blogpost is not Delivery… or even that The Adventures of Silver Girl is going into final edits this week–though it is! Pretty exciting, huh? Putting that off to one side, though… I’ve been wanting to highlight a fellow author who while she hasn’t been the most active for awhile is one of the erotic writers who had the most influence on the growth of my own style.

I’m talking about, of course, A. Regina Cantatis, known to a lot of us from the mcstories reading community as just “thrall”–which if that’s not a lovely and evocative name? I don’t know what is. Though she first began on MCStories, she’s since moved to Amazon, and her stories are no less amazing there, so I’d like to make you a few recommendations. They’re also on smashwords, if you prefer buying from there.

Willing Subject is the first story of hers that I recall reading, and I adored it so much that I’ve lost tack of the many times that I’ve reread it. This tells the story of a woman with a fair bit of a mind control kink who gets a chance to explore it… and let me tell you, the memories of keeping my teeth together imagining a wall in my own mouth as a teenager? Yeah. That was some fetish fuel to say the absolute least. I can’t recommend this enough. It’s hot, twisted, and you have to know if The Black Pearl of Thailand is really magical or just a great hypnotist, mmm…?

Amazon     Smashwords

Mirrored in your Eyes is a story about a world where everyone eventually chooses to be a top or a bottom, a mind controlled slave, or a mind controller who delights in ruling from above. There is a small country for the normies who aren’t kinky, but this story doesn’t focus there. This story focuses on the story of Karen who realizes she really wants to be a sub for one woman… but that woman is being forced to go through the process of being anyone’s helpless toy–a process everyone is forced to endure to bring out their “true” nature. Will Karen get the girl, or will they bot be slaves, or… what fate could befall them?

This story is incredibly romantic, sweet, and just… gosh, how can you not love this one? Such a fun neat little world!

Amazon      Smashwords

A Tenpack of Trixies is a story that feels criminal for it to be available for $2.99. I remember eagerly checking the archive each week for an update on it. It’s just such twisted dark hot goodness. A story about a woman who literally takes criminals and brainwashes, bodily modifies them, and then sells them in consumer products… and the woman she used to love, who left her. What will happen when a reporter investigating this woman vanishes, and then a pack of identical women labeled “Trixie” are sent in? You won’t be disappointed anymore than I was, and here I am, raving madly that you should buy it. Do it!

Amazon    Smashwords

There’s really not a story in her library that I can imagine being disappointed if the description strikes your fancy. From tentacles, to satin, thrall has a decidedly twisted imagination that I think you should indulge… and toss her some filthy lucre at the same time!

Don’t take my word for it though–Willing Subject is free! You don’t even need to pay for it. Nab a copy today. Read it. You will NOT be disappointed.

That’s me signing off for now… look forward to my Halloween Screams series starting this October, and then November?

The return of Silver Girl.

Until then, take care of yourselves, and each other!

New Website Update, Delivery and Silver Girl News!

Hello, everyone! I hope that you’re all doing well this Thursday!

Yesterday I celebrated Chelicerate’s birthday with her. If you read any of Canary then you should reach out to her either via email or on tumblr as and give her some well wishes! Birthdays are important things, and I hope that if any of you have had them recently, or have them coming up, that they’re happy and shared with the people you care about most.

So first up in important news is that my website has received a bit of an overhaul. Recently I asked Simon to take down my older tales, and after doing that, it lead to a fair few broken links. If you want to find my stories that are on MCStories–they’re there to stay for now? And there will be new ones continuing on my Patreon… but the old ones are being retooled, revised, and rereleased.

My site now has a grid and category view for my released ebooks on Amazon. Give it a look, and let me know, please, if you find any errors! I’m hardly perfect at webdesign, unfortunately.

So, as for exciting news? Earlier this week I received a paper copy of Delivery from Amazon! I used this draft to touch it up, and well… Tuesday should see the release of my first paperback!

Delivery by M. Kistulot

My first long form release, Delivery is all ready to go up on Tuesday! Follow me on Amazon to get updates from them–as it seems my mailing list just really isn’t getting any traction! Oh well.

Looking further ahead? For October I have some Halloween Tales in the pipeline for all of you, and in November… The second edition, greatly revised, of my original novel length erotic work…

The Adventures of Silver Girl by M. Kistulot
The Adventures of Silver Girl by M. Kistulot

Both have cover art by Rotem Dishon, who you should check out! He’ll have some gorgeous art of Quillspawn done soon that I’ll be showing off soon… but in the meantime? That’s all of my big news! Sorry you’ll need to wait a bit, but I want to make sure that the release of Silver Girl really hits home as good as it can.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other!

Delivery is coming to Amazon, and some recommended reading!

Hello everyone! I hope that you’ve been well and having a good time getting up to no good in all the most fun ways.

Sadly my plans for this week ended up being shoved around by life circumstances. I hope to get around to my planned rereads next week. I really could use some relaxing time curled around my kindle while reading some good classic smut, and it doesn’t get much more classic to me than the works of A. Regina Cantatis.

Speaking of classics? My send up of the unforgettable trilby else will be going up on Amazon soon! Written after a long binge on all of trilby’s works, this story is very much a love letter to all of the wonderful twisted, serial recruiting, unflinching glances that the amazing writer gave to sapphic mind control.

In honor of that? I feel the need to suggest some reading if you haven’t gotten around to it…! This list is not the only good listing of trilby stories. All of them are worth reading even if I don’t like two of them at all and find a couple of others lacking here or there. That’s pretty good for over fifty stories if you ask me!

Amateur Night: This is a dark comedy in all the best ways. It’s snarky, it looks at some traditional mf md tropes and kinda snickers. It’s full of clever little bits, and I really don’t want to spoil anything. Read it. You’ll enjoy it.

Watering Hole: The Oasis Center is a really great setting. A place where victims of mc go to find support from fellow survivors? It’s a trilby story, and even though it’s from 2000 it still understands so much about the genre and explores it in such twisted, fun, sexy ways… and sets up for a fair few stories set in the same universe. If you’ve somehow missed out on it? Now’s your chance to fix that.

Goldilocks: cowritten with thrall, aka A Regina Cantatis, this story is basically an intergalactic thief hiding somewhere she shouldn’t and getting more than she expects. It’s sexy, twisted, and good. Recommended.

Outcall: Unfinished, but anyone who reads much trilby knows his obsession with women made into sex workers. Outcall decides to go after them directly, and it’s unfinished, but I think it’s still a fun little read. The last bit of prose trilby gave us on the archive, so it’s worth a look.

Honestly, after this point I’d just say read everything in chronological order? But that feels a good starting point.

Of course I’m always going to recommend Tether, but it’s huge–and I know that it isn’t to everyone’s tastes like it is mine. What can I say… I’m one twisted bitch, and it’s always hit just-so for me.

That said, Delivery is in its final paces, and will be up on Amazon soon… in paperback form, with a cover from Rotem Dishon! Is it a bit self indulgent when I know few are likely to want a paperback of a story like this? Probably. Do I want it anyway? Heck yes.

And if you do too, then I’ll be encouraging you to pick up a copy.

All of Delivery is going to be released at once, in its full 75k word glory, at a higher price point. We’ll see how it works out!

Well, that’s really all the exciting news that I have for the moment. I’m finally getting a garbage disposal in my new place soon, but I can’t imagine many of you find in-sink errators very sexy. hrm. Mind disposal. To the notes file!

Until next time, take care of yourselves… and each other!

Back in the Saddle (of Regular Updates) again!

Good evening, everyone!

Sorry for doing this so late. I know I usually post these early, but at least I’m in the habit of posting them again! Hopefully that can count for something, even if not the most.

Tuesday is going to see a release of a flash compilation–the first of a few planned compilations. I don’t have a solid name yet, but I have feelings and thoughts and… well, a lot of flash fiction. It turns out that I’ve written a lot of it over the years? And I want to share it with a much wider audience. I want to write more of it. I want to make… more. For everyone. For all of you. So let’s see if I can’t do that!

Rotem Dishon, an AMAZING artist (this text is a link to his deviantArt, click here!), has granted me permission to use one of his amazing illustrations as a cover for the re-release of Delivery. I’m looking forward to polishing it, and releasing it. Keep your eyes peeled here for more information, as I will be more than happy to keep you all apprised. I’m debating a print run. Is that something that anyone would want? I’ll be honest… I do? And that might be enough.

I haven’t been reading nearly enough lately, and I want to fix that… and I think that I’m going to start with some of A Regina Cantatis‘s offerings up on Amazon. She’s better known as thrall to those who frequented the EMCSA back in the day, but I really have been meaning to reread Willing Subject. Look forward to me sharing my thoughts here.

One of my traditions is a weekly watching of films with my friends and family. This weekend I watched “The Guyver” which “starred” Mark Hamil. It doesn’t have any of what I would call mind control exactly, but it did end up with Mark Hamil in a tube being converted into an insectoid monstrosity. Maybe if the process had been allowed to continue it would have been MC. Hard to say. I recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of the Reanimator series, From Beyond, or any similar horror films… and Tokusatsu. That’s a weird combination, but trust me when I say it felt like From Beyond meets Kamen Rider.

The second was Godzilla: Final Wars. To not spoil anything for a 14 year old movie, it’s about a future with giant monsters around, but Godzilla is frozen at the south pole and life is pretty good for the moment… we even have mutants showing up who possess super powers and are good at fighting! Spoilers start here, but I recommend watching it if you like kaiju films–it actually has a decent human side.

Later its revealed the mutants are actually decedents of an alien invasion that seeded earth with Humanity–to use as cattle. Those who have the ‘m’ gene (the mutants) are able to be controlled by the aliens and our hero is forced to fight an old… sort of… rival…? Honestly it’s still a kaiju film, and it cares more about hitting tropes than telling a good story… but I do recommend it in its own silly little way. It’s not deep, but it’s got some heart, and that’s a lot in my book.

Plus it shows what happens when Godzilla from the 2000’s series of films meets the American Godzilla. Not a pretty sight.

I think that’s me for now. I want to catch up on some Hypnotic Harlequin, reread some old classics… and have more to talk about for next week! For now, be sure to not miss out on the third part of the Honeypot saga–and have a wonderful day.

Take care of yourselves, and eachother.

Honeypot, More Mia Archer, The Future

Hello everyone!

To start, from now on I’m going to go back to a blog post a week. Sorry for the time away–even once life got settled in that just meant I had stuff that I needed to catch up on! Thankfully, all of that is more-or-less sorted now, and things are looking pretty bright.

First of all, if you haven’t been paying attention to my Amazon releases, Honeypot is now available, and on Tuesday the complete story will be out. It’s the story of Carol Parks, a hacker who goes by Daisy Chains. She gets tipped off to a potential backdoor into Kensington Multinational–one of the big corps. Is it too good to be true, or is it the payday she’s hoping for? Check it out!

Honeypot: Regression can be found here!

Honeypot: Interning can be found here!

As for what I’ve been reading, well… honestly I haven’t done the most reading lately. I’ve been too busy. Embarrassing, huh? However, Mia Archer dropped a new story, one that I tore through in a night. It’s another lesbian romance, not exactly full of sapphic mind control, but… well… Ripping souls out of their bodies, then shoving them back in as slaves is there, and enslaving spirits, and other dominant uses of Necromancy in general…

And a cute queer cheerleader girl.

A Date with Death can be found here, and I heavily recommend it! Available on Kindle Unlimited!

Oh, and the author herself reached out to me to correct me! Fialux is pronounced fee-ah-lucks, which I had thought at first! It’s a play on fiat lux, and a nod to a certain person of steel, though her origins are quite different. I felt the need to share that little fix. Still no continuation on the lovely stories of Fialux and Night Terror, but that is likely to hit next month, or the one thereafter. Goodness do I need it already!

As for me, what does the future hold? Well, Tuesday I’ll be dropping the third Honeypot story. It was the original ending, but I’m debating picking the series up from there. We’ll see how I feel about that. I won’t be doing it right away. I have a story to write for My Patreon, and then another to write for a patron… and a longer term commission to do some more work on…

But I multitask a lot of writing things these days.

The Adventures of Silver Girl is currently with my editors still, but they’re hoping to have it back to me soon. I’ve gotten to work on the redrafting of Silver Eclipse in anticipation. A website overhaul is in the near future, too.

In Another Life, the alternate-universe sequel to TAoSG continues on the EMCSA, and you keep being able to see it in advance on my Patreon, so if you’ve been enjoying that, take a look!

Hopefully I’ll have more solid news soon about things. I’m quite excited about what the future holds. For now, I’m moved in, caught up on most things… The future is looking so bright, and I’m listening to a LOT of Ayria.
Can’t recommend her enough.

You can find her music here! I recommend… all of her discography. The remixes on the extended releases are worth it! Her label occasionally has pretty great deals on bandcamp, too, and even her pre-Ayria work is great.

So that’s me for now! Until next time, be good to yourselves, and eachother 🙂

Long Awaited Move, and Heroic Hijinx!

Hello, everyone! To start, I’m finally in my new address. Pretty neat to be in a home with my name on the title. it’s a bit more… cramped… than my last living accomodations? but it’s also a lot more mine, and that’s a pretty sweet feeling so far. We’ll see how things go–and I’m sure that I’ll be able to make it all work out.

This means that more writing will be coming from me soon–my poor Patreon supporters. Today is my first day of breathing room in a bit, and then tomorrow I need to clean the old place, but… I think it’ll go all right. I’m in much better shape than my old desk–now in pieces.

So with that in mind, the subject line for this post is Heroic Hijinx, isn’t it? I want to talk about the books I’ve read recently. I do a lot less reading than an author should, but recently, basically by accident, I stumbled across the works of one Mia Archer… and saw she had super heroine lesbian fiction. So I had to dive in with the first novel, Villains Don’t Date Heroes!

Night Terror, or Natalie (or Natnat as I call her because I’m a dork and so is she) is an incredibly adorkable villain. She calls herself the greatest super villain the world has ever seen, and it’s hard to argue that she’s not impressive. Her city is hers–more or less… then Fialux shows up. (Her name might mean fire light, and I think is pronounce fee-uh-lou? It’s so pretty) She’s your classic kryptonian template. Strength, invulnerability, flight.. and she breaks all the rules, and beats Night Terror down… but is there maybe more going on than either of them knows that could bring them together?

Night Terror is in her own head a lot… and I mean a lot. It’s charming to me, but sometimes it did feel like barely anything happened in a chapter, early on at least. It reminds me of some of my early writing, and there were times when I was tempted to drop it… but oh was it worth it. It was such a charming, good story, and a “Villainous” perspective can be fun to indulge time to time.

Of course the joke to this is that Night Terror is much more of a heroine who doesn’t much care for law, traditional order, and thinks her tyrannical fist would be better for the world. That’s not GOOD, but honestly, with how much she actually terrorizes people… it’s arguable she’s less harmful than the police in our world.

In book two, Villains Don’t Save Heroes, we get to see Fialux and Night Terror grow closer. They have shared enemies, romantic moments, and the writing instantly improves. I don’t want to harp on anything or insult Mia–because I love her prose–but the first book and some of this one had some rough patches. By the end of this book those are practically gone, and you just get to see Night Terror exploring her sexuality–even if the eroticism isn’t on the page.

It’s good stuff, and I kinda don’t want to spoil anything.

In Villains Don’t Train Heroes we get a story that’s beginning to end cuteness between the two even if poor Fialux is having a problem… her girlfriend is there to help her solve it. Natalie and Fialux make a great couple, and it keeps bringing out the hero in Natalie. The villain may be teasing into Fialux, but who knows–she’s far too pure for that, too incorruptible for that, right?

The story sadly ends with them being split up–but not romantically. Circumstance. Physically. One of them is ripped across the cosmos… and the next two books are an amazing exploration of what happens next.

I’m Not A Hero and I’m Not A Villain take place at the same time–sort of. You should read Hero first, then Villain, as hero spoils the end of villain, but then… villain spoils the end of hero, so… I’d recommend publishing order!

We see what they’re like apart, now that they’ve had each other. Fialux is on her own, and Night Terror is basically back to where she began… but neither of them can really be the same person anymore. Night Terror continues to protest too much about not being a heroine, while being more and more heroic than ever… and Fialux? Well… maybe Night Terror has rubbed off on her more than just during their intimate moments alone.

So why do I of all people bring these up? Well while Silver Girl is currently in redrafting, it is very close to being released on Amazon–physical and epublishing. I’m so excited. Super Heroines are a thing I really enjoy reading, writing, and pondering… and this series is good for that. It’s also good if you like a character who is a total nerd making silly nerd references, but that feel more like how people actually make them–at least queer women–as opposed to Ready Player One’s vomit of references.

The characters are likable. Sexy. Emotionally connectable. This is what I want in my fiction–really really what I want in my fiction, and well…

It’s chock full of mind control.

The first story has two major uses, and one alluded. The latest two are just chock full. There’s more that we don’t know the full details about, and more revealed all the time.

The thing is, I don’t want to go in depth into anything spoilery… because I want you to read them. I want these books to be successful, so that I have someone to talk about them with. Give them a look! Leave a review!

Show this great author that their work is appreciated.

That’s all for me for now! This week’s release, Coping Mechanism, is a story of angst, grief, romance, loss, and lust. It’s different than my standard faire… but I think if you give it a try? You’ll find you just may like it.

For now, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Big Life Changes

Hello everyone!

I haven’t blogged lately, and that’s bad on my part. Sorry. Last month was incredibly exhausting–we’re moving soon it turns out! It was up in the air for the whole month, and I was fighting with this or that to make things fall into place… and now, well, we own a house! I’m on the deed of a house. Sadly we can’t move in until the 15th, but also we don’t need to rush to move in before the 15th, so that’s good, too.

Amusingly we literally moved from one side of Portland to the other, which makes the drive exceedingly long and frustrating. Every time we need to check something out, fix up some little thing, etc… ugh. And there is a lot more to do in the time up to the move.

Unfortunately this means that last month, and this month, have been and likely to some degree, will be, junk for my productivity. So much needs to be packed, taken care of, changed around… you can imagine! It’s important, and in the long run will lead to a situation much more apt to help me write a lot more, but for now… blech!

That said, I’ve also made some changes to my online presence. MC Stories is a site I care about immensely–more than I can put into words… but it’s not making me money and buying a house is expensive. House payments, HOA dues, utilities, movers… I’m going to be in a money crunch, and sadly, Patreon as it is alone isn’t cutting it as supplementary to my amazon presence.

As a result, I’ve removed all but the stories leading up to, and including, In Another Life from MCStories and the web except where one can buy them. It’s not the option that I wanted to take, but at this point it seems that I really need to focus on the ebook market over hoping I can get my Patreon to grow to the degree I want it to.

Feel free to let me know what you think of these changes, but know that I still fully intend to finish In Another Life on the EMCSA. It’s actually already written–but it’s a rather long story, so releasing it serially works much better for the site.

Apologies if you’ve reached out to me, I’ve been either busy or recuperating form being busy. Hopefully soon things will settle down.

In other news? I recently came across a lovely series on Amazon I’ve fallen in love with. The series is by Mia Archer, and I want to make a post just about that soon–but I didn’t want it overshadowed by my personal announcements.

Long story short: I’m moving so until probably the 20th my life is a bit up in the air. My apologies. Hopefully things will sort out sooner. I’ll try to get better at this, too.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and eachother.

Busted, Debased, More to Come!

Hello everyone! Sorry that I’ve been a bit absent here. Life has been very hectic lately, but I’ve been keeping up my release cycle, except for a little hiccup wherein I learned that having the word “tits” in your title at amazon is worse than having barely clothed nipples on your cover.

But an exposed ass, in lingerie, can be seen as too far. I will never understand what people use to determine whether something is searchable or not. It’s a very arcane process that I feel makes little to no sense when it only seems to affect the US Storefront. Alas, that’s not a very interesting subject for anyone besides me, so I’ll move on.

Since my last post two more stories have released–Busted, and Debased. I hope that you’ll give them a look over on my amazon! If you like stories with breasts playing a central focus in some good ol’ lesbian mind control, I think you’ll like this.

I’m aware that this weekend is the last time that the con Entranced will be happening over in the Chicagoland area. I hope that all attending have a lot of fun. I may be going to next year’s Charmed–a terrifying notion since I’ve literally never left the west coast–but I’ll have more details on that as it gets closer.

There’s going to be no update this weekend, sadly. Simon is taking a week off, and Simon’s breaks are my breaks. IAL will continue next week, but if you want another chapter already, you can get more by supporting my patreon.

Also, I’ve been working on a Podcast with Callidus for awhile–I’ve mentioned it here before. If you haven’t heard all of it, head over to THe Black Room and give it a listen!

I think that’s all for now! Silver Girl’s penultimate draft is in the hands of my editors/beta readers. Once I get it back, I’ll be fixing up formatting, adjusting hte cover… and then I’ll own a paperback copy of tAoSG.

I hope you’re as excited for that as I am!

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.